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A few of the the American Bulldogs we've bred, both ours and others...
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Here's our daughter, Kat, with some American Bulldog x Dogue de Bordeaux puppies, summer 2012. Kat is becoming a knowledgeable little dog woman at the ripe old age of 11 (10 in this shot). She's a smart one too. Just the other morning she was telling me that the night before she had begun reading Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens up in her room at around 10:45 p.m., finishing the book at 1:09 a.m. Kat and her brother, John, a year younger than she is, are both college level readers, and straight 'A' students. Turns out, we breed pretty good kids too, and we're very proud of them!

In the years to come - like maybe when Kat is 30 or so, gentlemen please kindly be advised, daddy has a gun, a shovel, acres of land, and a whole mess of darkly mysterious friends in low places. And remember, bubba, it's a statistical fact, folks do sometimes just up and vanish in this crazy world of ours...

Obviously just kidding about most of that... most... Seriously though, you can see how dedicated we are to excellence in our dog breeding program, so when it comes to my child... holy smokes you better be something special, buddy...

Mambo, Lilly and Kat catching a quick nap in the sun. I guess this is what happens when you stay up all night reading.

This is BD's T-Rex "Tank" a/k/a "Our Pretty Tanker Dog." Tank is a 100% Johnson male we adopted. He's an older dog with a gigantic bully personality, roughly 25.5" at the withers and 100 pounds. Tank's favorite game is to walk up and bite people he loves on the butt - and pretty hard too! Tank will generally tolerate strangers, but he's not beyond just up and biting someone, just cause he doesn't like them. We didn't raise Tank. That's who he was when we got him. Of the kids, John is the only one allowed to deal with Tank, and Tank would never bite him.

Professional Trainer Available

This is Spartan, belonging to our friends, Lawrence and Natasha. Lawrence is an Iraq War Vet currently immersed in studying, hoping to become a police officer in the near future. Natasha is a somewhat profoundly talented and no nonsense in-home professional dog trainer. I can highly recommend her.

Natasha works with some of my own dogs on occassion, and she is excellent. Shoot me an email if you're within a reasonable drive of Colorado Springs and you need a trainer, either to get you started with a one time consultation, to get basic obedience out of the way, address specific behavioral problems, or if you want your dog finished professionally. There are quite a few trainers out there, but it's difficult to find a truly good trainer that really understands the American Bulldog specifically. All too often trainers try to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to every dog they meet, not recognizing the learning differences between breeds, and even between individual dogs of the same breed. Natasha has worked with enough dogs that I'm hoping we might encourage her to do a teaching article or two for the Blasco Family Bulldogs© website. In any event, if you need a seasoned, results oriented trainer, I've got one for you.

You'll also be seeing a lot more of Spartan on this site in the near future. Spartan is a Mambo son by Betty. Pictured here at well under a year old, he is the quintessential Johnson or Bully type American Bulldog. He is square, has fantastic structure, heavy bone and muscle, he's well balanced, has perfect teeth, proper angulation of hock, all feet/toes pointing forward, front legs under the shoulders rather than sprung outward in that yucky horseshoe configuration, straight topline - Spartan is just a truly premium American Bulldog specimen. I hope to breed him possibly winter 2013 or spring 2014, we'll see. Natasha and Lawrence are going to start Spartan at UKC shows in Colorado beginning spring 2013, representing Blasco Family Bulldogs©. I don't really enjoy, or for that matter, have the time for dog shows myself, but we've got high hopes for Spartan, and there may be another Blasco dog or two hitting the shows this season as well.

Here's Spartan as a puppy in my kitchen. Being the genius of the litter, Spartan is working with a plan for a second breakfast. Seriously, it's a plan. The day before he was laying lazily in the living room when the other puppies were eating. When he finally got to the bowl, it had like half-a-dozen pieces of kibble left. He looked up at me as if to say, hey, what gives, dad? I told him, if you wanna eat around here buddy, you better make it to the bowl on time. So, here the next morning, Spartan was first to the bowl, and after eating his fill, he went to sleep on his left-overs. That's a smart boy...

This is Dutch, belonging to our friends, Micah and Gloria. In this shot, Dutch is still well under two years old and hasn't completely filled out yet, and he's 119+ pounds and I believe just over 27 inches at the withers, well balanced, very tall, very thick, great stucture, heavy bone and muscle, and nonetheless, built to run. It's also notable that Dutch is one of my rare 100% Johnson dogs, yet one of those ultra rare athletic Johnsons, truly able to work, not just 20 minutes of play out in the yard followed by nap time.

Be advised, that elbow does not protrude outward even a little bit, it's just the position he's in (turning) and the angle of motion the camera caught him at. Dutch is structurally solid nose to toes.

Micah and Gloria are also have my favorite little watch dog, Blasco's Chainsaw Maggie as a started dog, to be used in their own newly planned breeding program, bred to Dutch.

This is another one of Micah and Gloria's dogs, Hannah, also a Blasco dog, who is Dutch's belly-sister. If you like the looks of this dog, than you like our dogs period. Hannah was not the pick of the litter female. She's an average dog for us, and just look at her here, at just over a year old, still with plenty of growing to do.

Here's Hannah again. Who said dogs can't discern one dimensional images? Clearly this one can!

Wild Boar Hunt

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