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A few of the the American Bulldogs we've bred, both ours and others...
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Kat, John and a lovingly adoring Doc Holliday. They say dogs don't have the facial muscles to smile. I'm thinking maybe this one didn't get the memo. Doc is a smiling, happy dog who loves his people for all he's worth. Not a morning passes that Doc doesn't require a long scratch and snuggle on the bed.

Here's my oldest, Abi, with puppies in her front yard summer 2012. Abi is just nuts about puppies, and puppies are nuts about her.

Sigh... It just warms the heart to see young people take their dogs and guns so seriously... Here, our dear friends, Jimmy and Ellen showing off their little Boss Hogg and their big Boss Hogg - and what looks to be matching, his and her GSG-5s... It's enough to summon a sniffle, ain't it...?

Jimmy and Ellen live an active, Texas lifestyle and these shots (no pun intended) come with a note from Ellen about her Boss dog...

"People in the small town where we live call our Boss Hogg "The big, white dog." Indeed, he is 100+ pounds of big headed, big bulldog personality, and we could not love this dog more. Boss Hogg loves to just hang out with us, his family. He is content to do nothing but lie on his back on the couch all day long, so long as we are sitting right there by him, and equally content to ride in cars with us, camping, fishing, and hunting. Boss wants to be wherever we are, just to make sure we are safe. Boss is protective, leery of strangers until he is introduced to them by us, but he is loving, gentle, and still has a puppy-like happiness that just makes us happy to be around him. We love our Blasco's Boss Hogg."

...And we love you guys, and yer little dog too...! Boss Hogg actually spent a lot of time around here as a young adult, being mentored into bulldogdom by our own Doc Holliday who used to throw him around all over the place in rough and tumble play. Bet Doc can't do that anymore; Boss is now bigger than the Doc dog, so all the big, meaty size of a Johnson dog coupled with the high energy performance and structure of a Performance Line American Bulldog, being a son of Judah and Bella... Yep, Boss looks about ready to go catch some hogs.

Bella cradles a newborn American Bulldog puppy in her paw. Look at those bright pink, little noses. They are born with little to no pigment and in the coming weeks we get to watch as little black dots - or occassionally little red dots begin to appear on their noses and eye rims.

This is daughter Kat at 10 being silly with a sleeping Tica of about nine months. Tica is my GORGEOUS white cream South African Boerboel, purchased as a puppy from Atomic Boerboels. You'll be seeing a lot more of Tica in the future, as I intend to use her in some Bandogge breedings. In this shot, Tica is roughly 100 pounds, 27 inches at the withers.

That's Abi with a toad she caught outside at 3 a.m. while Bella was having puppies inside. We went out for some air to stay awake (it's a long process) and hopping around the house was this toad. Abi, as dead tired as the rest of us, crept over quietly and caught him, brought him in the house, constructed him a habitat in a box and then insisted we go back out to find a worm for him to eat. In between, she informed us that Bella was about to have another baby and we needed to hurry - hurry finding the worm to get in and catch the baby. Out I went, turned on the hose and waited. Pulled back some grass, caught the worm and we made it back in the house within maybe 60-seconds of the next puppy arriving. Abi says, "Dad, I said HURRY get the worm, not slow!"

Standard/Performance Line .vs Bully Type Bulldogs

This is Boo at 7-months looking like a pure Performance Line dog while nonetheless 3/4 Johnson American Bulldog. In other words, he's a VERY large Performance styled dog, 28" at the withers.

Some people just hate the longer, built for speed Performance Line and Standard dogs. We love them, specially when they're truly awesome like Boo here. People look at the thicker, heavier Johnson dogs with their faces more similar to English Bulldogs and they believe they'll be fun. Maybe if you're watching television, but most (not all) Bully Type dogs are couch potatos. Oh, they get out and play for 15-minutes to an hour, running around the yard chasing a ball, jumping a few times or whatever and that's when they get their YouTube videos made looking so athletic, followed by long naps.

Boo here is truly built for speed and activity. He's not going to run after the ball for the tenth time and decide to lay down and chew it 50-yards away. This dog isn't going to start chasing a hog and then 2-miles into it decide that pig just isn't worth it, and lay down waiting for you to pull out the canteen. Boo is not going to bolt quickly across the yard and then come back panting like he's just put in a hard day on the job. Dogs like Boo are designed for performance.

Wild Boar Hunt

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