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Policies & Procedures
If you are obtaining a dog, you are responsible for having read this page fully.
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I apologize in advance that our Policies & Procedures are so, "in your face." You would be amazed at things we've experienced, from people trying to return 6-month old dead dogs they've starved to death, to changing their mind about a color and wanting a new dog, to finding out how much dog food costs and actually sending us a bill! So, I try to be very clear, thorough and unambiguous in stating our Policies & Procedures, needing to cater to those who have the most difficulty understanding. Please feel free to ask for any written clarifications by email, either by form or directly.

1. You are responsible to read and abide by these Policies & Procedures when you willingly enter into business with us. The link to this page is in plain sight, and all Blasco Family Bulldogs© business comes through this website. If you have not read this page, that is your fault, not mine. In doing business with us, you automatically accept these Policies & Procedures as the full terms and limitations of our relationship. NO OTHER COMMUNICATION SHALL BE INTERPRETED to omit, limit, change, alter or void any part of these Policies & Procedures. Should a Court of Law ever make void any portion of these Policies & Procedures, all other portions remain effective.

2. If you are a scientific laboratory seeking dogs for research, or a representative of the same, either through freelance, contract, part-time or full-time employment, speaking to me about purchasing a "pet" constitutes fraud, and exposes you and your employer to heavy liability, legal and otherwise. BE ADVISED: 1.) All Blasco Family Bulldogs© dogs are registered animals, with controlled bloodlines, and bred for the specific purpose of human companionship, and/or working, service or therapy dogs. 2.) No such laboratory or representative has permission to obtain any animal I own, or have control of, ever, under any circumstance. 3.) To obtain a dog from me for any research purposes is to defraud me. 4.) We are aware, that such laboratories function quietly in communities across the United States, keeping a low profile, not generally advertising the fact that they're killing domestic dogs as part of their day-to-day business, and often withholding the true nature of their business from local governing authorities, and the voting citizens of those communities, who do have a right to be informed. Let one of my dogs be purchased into such a facility, and regardless of any legal remedies on our part that admittedly may or may not be successful, we are committed a.) To make direct written notification of city/county attorney, Sheriff's Department, Health Department, local zoning boards, planning committees, Chambers of Commerce, licensing boards, and various animal rights group across the country; b.) To make HUNDREDS of lawfully published press releases, and direct advertisements, providing all relevant information to the public, AND c.) To publish your street address, and the names of staff members, and any lawfully distributable information about staff members, from the janitor to the CEO - this not for the sake of vengeance or harassment, but that your previously uninformed community is subsequently informed - as is their right to be informed, and my right to inform them. If you represent a lab, go elsewhere.

If you are a fellow breeder who has been defrauded by such a lab of one or more of your dogs, contact me for information on how you too can pursue all of the aforementioned.

3. We do not use contracts. You are obtaining a dog, not adopting a child, not purchasing a house, car, or television. The law traditionally provides that you are the sole party responsible for your animal's care, security and health, and allows that we sell a dog as-is, devoid of warranty and with zero liability. We will not take part in a contract or agreement, written or verbal, that seeks to change, circumvent or add to the law as it exists in the State of Colorado.

4. Limited Liability: We accept no liability. The lawfully responsible party of all Blasco Family Bulldogs© transactions is Daniel Blasco, exclusively, unconnected to any other family members, associates or associations, affiliations, business entities or other pursuit(s) managed by Daniel Blasco. That means you can only sue me alone, (and I don't have much for you to take).

Further, if your bull tramples the neighbor's prize roses, you'll be buying some roses, not the guy who sold you the bull. Similarly, if your bulldog bites the neighbor's kid, he did it because you failed as the owner of an animal, not because of any failure on our part. Dogs bite. ALL DOGS can bite. Dogs urinate on things, chew things, dig holes and perform all manner of mischief on occasion. It's up to you to evaluate, socialize and train your dog, to secure your dog, and to know when your dog may need to be secured. That's part of owning another living thing - you assume a responsibility for that living thing's actions. Don't like that, get a fish.

5. Warranty & Fitness of Use: AS IS. No warranty has been expressed or implied. The contents of this website describes our personal, subjective experience with our own particular dogs. You are obtaining an as-is product as any living thing is, destined to be an individual with its own quirks, issues and little life adventures. That's what you're signing up for when you get a dog. We provide what appears to be a healthy, vibrant dog, and if it's not, we'll take it back in 24-hours with vet confirmation of a problem (as explained below in our Return Policy). In obtaining a dog, it is expected that you, as the responsible prospective owner, have practiced due diligence, performed research, developed your own personal standards, and are able to yourself identify what you are looking for. This is an as-is product. Ask questions and do your research, because we are in no way responsible if you are not happy with a dog you have chosen.

6. Return Policy: If you, having assumed ownership of a dog, contact us within 24-hours having taken your dog to a vet (a vet that we can speak to), and found your dog was somehow not acceptable, we will allow the return of the dog, but we will not return payment.

In the case of a return, we will apply payment of such a dog to the next litter, seeking to assuage any dissatisfaction by providing you a dog as good or better (in our exclusive estimation) than you initially requested. As such, you will not incur extra expenses AND we'll prevent your loss of payment by providing you a second animal, allowing that your original desire for dog ownership can still be fulfilled. If you refuse an alternative dog from another litter, we won't offer you another, and you still won't get your money back.

If this dog was shipped, you will pay to ship it back, but we will pay for shipping on your exchange animal, whether now, or being delivered later.

7. Refund Policy: We NEVER return money. The money we receive for an animal covers the expense we have already incurred in caring for your animal, money we've spent and not subject to return. This goes for all payments, deposits, barters and trades; card laid, card played, buyer beware.

8. Deposits and Payments: We don't return money, ever, as described above in our Refund Policy. When you make a deposit or payment, it's gone and any form of dissatisfaction on your part, we shall seek to assuage with the dog you initially wanted or the next dog of equal or superior quality, in our exclusive estimation. If you've made partial payment and then changed your mind, we will keep your money for our inconvenience. All deposits are credited towards final purchase price. No dog is released, either for pick-up or shipping without payment in full.

9. Breeding Policy / Breeding Rights / Repossession Policy: If you wish to breed your animal, it's your animal and your decision, you paid for that right. If you wish to render your animal unbreedable, you paid for that right. If you wish to sell your animal, you paid for that right, and I do not retain breeding rights to any dog I sell. However, if we learn of a legitimate and ongoing abuse issue, such as purposeful dog fighting, any form of objectively cruel or illegal care, we will contact the proper authorities and see you prosecuted. We love dogs; whether they're our dogs, your dogs, the neighbor's dogs or some dog on the street, we love dogs. Do a dog wrong, let us find out about it, and we're on the dog's side, not yours. Don't like that attitude, than you don't love dogs and should not be seeking one.

10. We reserve the right to not do business with you, to discriminate against you without stated cause, and to simply not provide you a dog. We want our dogs in solid, responsible, forever homes where they will be a well loved part of a family. We typically only get one chance to try and discern if that describes you. We're not clairvoyant; we must use our own best judgment, and if there's just some feeling we get that we don't want you to have one of our dogs, I'll tell you, and that's that, you won't be getting a dog; no hard feelings.

In regards to that, here's a couple specifics to be aware of...

In general, if you are an unmarried male between 16 and 25, I probably just won't provide you a dog. If that describes you, go ahead and ask, but you have a prejudice of mine to overcome. Nobody under the age of 18 can ever buy a dog without a responsible parent or guardian present. I love my dogs. I am careful to see them only go where I believe they will have good lives. It's on you to make me confident of that - and I reserve the right to investigate the truthfulness of anything you tell me, so be honest with me about your situation. I prefer selling to functional, together families, and sober, responsible single moms who clearly have their lives together. If that doesn't describe you, I'm not judging you; I just don't want to add my dog to your difficulties. Move forward in life a bit. Get a little older. Overcome whatever challenges you're dealing with and then come talk to me. A dog is a big responsibility. I only want you to be at your best when you get one of mine.

Next, when I have to make a choice between two or more people as to who will get a particular puppy, those people's demonstrated interest, preparedness and level of knowledge does come into play. It never fails to make me scratch my beard in wonder, how people will write telling me how much they love the site, love everything about my dogs, have been doing research on our dogs for years, and then will proceed to ask me questions that are answered plain-as-day on the first couple pages of the website. I happily answer those questions, and I don't think worse of you for it, but in doing so, obviously I cannot help but make a little mental note that such persons are not nearly as serious or well researched as they've represented to me. Being that I do in fact have customers who really do read every word of the website, and do years of research besides, clearly when it comes to me needing to choose between two prospective new owners, I'm only naturally going to choose the person I believe is the most interested, prepared and well researched. Please don't quote back sections of the website to me to prove you're one of these, but just be aware, that when a person asks me how much my dogs usually cost, how big they get, what I feed them, and other such fundamental questions answered right up front on the FAQs page, that alerts me to the fact that they have not read the site, and dramatically raises the likelihood that they are impulse buyers that, given the choice, I'd really rather not generally be selling to.

11. General Purchasing Process & Accepted Forms of Payment: When I have puppies I send out emails - Blasco Family Bulldogs© Puppy Announcements to those who have expressed interest, either by contact form or direct email, soliciting non-refundable deposits of at least $200.00. We take cash, checks, Cashier's Checks (bank checks), money orders, traveler's checks, pick-up wire transfers (Western Union and similar) and account-to-account wire transfers (your bank to ours via routing number), but in an effort to dissuade impulse purchasers, we do not take credit cards for dog purchases. I don't think poorly of you if you're in debt up to your eyeballs, but my dog is not getting added to your debt load.

Deposits, Waiting Lists & Pick Order: I do not take deposits before Puppy Announcements go out, and I do not do waiting lists. People who get puppies are financially stable enough to be ready to make deposits when they are notified - typically with fairly short notice. First deposit usually gets first pick, second gets second pick and so forth, but all at my descretion. Sometimes I may owe someone a dog, have an agreement with a fellow breeder, or just not feel that a particular dog is a good match for you. I'm up front at such times, and we'll work together to choose the dog that's best for you. Remember that all payments are non-refundable, as has been clearly explained above - you change your mind, I keep your money, simple as that.

Age of Release: When the dog has been chosen, whether in person or via photographs, and after you've made your non-refundable deposit, we then hold that dog for you, and do not make it available for sale to someone else - not even if they're offering more money. We generally care for your dog a while longer, holding puppies for a minimum of 10-weeks and prefering 12-weeks for proper puppy socialization - which also provides you a little time to get the rest of the purchase price together. Why do we hold them so long? Read the article: Dog Temperament, Early Pack Socialization & Bite Inhibition.

Final Payments: You must make full, 100% payment at time of pick-up, or, if we are shipping, before we ship. If you are paying in person at time of pick-up, we will not take your personal check, but you are welcome to pay by personal check in advance of the pick-up date, understanding all checks must clear the bank before dogs leave our care. Again, all payments are non-refundable.

Shipping: Dogs being shipped incur a $500.00 additional charge to the purchase price, and we cover that in our communication with you; no surprises here. This money covers the Vet who must provide a clean bill of health for the dog to travel by plane, an airline approved live animal shipping crate with approved bowls and other similar travel items, and of course the air fare itself. You may always request receipts for the travel expenses, to be assured you're not being price gouged. We don't make an added profit shipping dogs, we actually lose a bit of money. All shipping costs must be paid in full before shipping, so if you have a specific day you want to pick a dog up, your checks will need to have been received and clear the bank sometime before that date.

Please feel free to ask for any written clarifications by email, either by form or directly.

Below are questions previously answered about these Policies & Procedures that you may find relevant...

Q: I read your Policies page and I have a question. How come so many breeders offer a money back garantee if things don't work out or whatever but you say your dogs ar as is and you never return money?

A: Fair question and I'm going to post my answer on the FAQs page... First of all, I've been doing this breeding and selling dogs thing for quite a while. There was a time I did offer a money back guarantee. People brought dogs back that had been abused, some jerk kicking a puppy across the kitchen floor for a month because he was too lazy to properly house train the poor dog. Dogs came back sick because people refused to vet their dogs. Dogs came back half starved, having missed developmental stages and ruined because of it. One very special lady even returned a six month old dog that had died of Parvo (associated starvation) and wanted her money back. So, reason number one is that there's just too many people out there who lack honor, common sense and decency, who will buy a dog on a whim, no plan or knowledge how to care for it, and when it doesn't work out, they return it as if it was a rental couch they don't like the color of any longer.

Second reason is what I just touched on: The impulse purchaser. There are people who get it in their head they want a really cool looking American Bulldog on Monday, who, on Wednesday have come to their senses, realize they did yet another impusive thing, and now they want to return their dog. Those people know exactly who they are, and because they know who they are, I don't have that problem, because they know up front I'm not going to facilitate that for them. Most of my buyers these days are serious, have done serious research, and they have a serious plan that they seriously implement when they get their dog. That's because less serious would-be impulse buyers don't see an opportunity to be irresponsible with me, cause they read: Card laid, card played, buyer beware, and they know full good and well I'm talking directly to them personally, and they go to someone elses website and try to buy a dog.

Third reason, and in my own mind most important, is you yourself, the customer who trusts me to give you a good dog. You mentioned the breeders who do give money back guarantees, so let me ask you, where do you think those dogs end up after they've been returned? When person "A" buys a dog, takes it home, the 30 year old adolescent drunkard male of the house kicks it around a few days, gets bored and says take that stupid dog back, once the breeder takes the dog back and refunds the money, where do you think that dog goes, now that he may well be permanently damaged psychologically, possibly sick and certainly confused, insecure and no longer a happy puppy...? He goes to the next customer, that's where he goes, problems and all.

The breeders offering money back guarantees don't adopt the dog for themselves when they've just returned a thousand or more dollars - money that had already been counted into their profit margin and budget; they RESELL THE DOG, and to whome...? YOU, that's who. They make out like they're doing people right, when in reality, to have a policy like that, a breeder has basically committed himself to quietly screwing buyer number two, every time buyer number one has second thoughts.

Not here. If I take a dog back it's within 24 hours for a previously undiscovered health issue, confirmed by a vet that I've spoken to. That dog then either gets nursed back to health and offered back to you, or put to sleep, so as not to corrupt my good reputation by selling you a dog that looked like he might've had Parvo last week, but looks like he might be sort of ok today. I don't give the money back at those times either, but apply the payment to another dog of equal or better quality in my own estimation... for the first two reasons given above.


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