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Last updated: 2/2/2018: All information necessary for deposit and purchasing, shipping, and all puppy and parent profiles and pics are below.

This is a hybrid breeding between pedigreed dogs, thus adding even greater health and vitality to these puppies via heterosis. If you'd like to know more about the advantages of hybrid breeding, I'll recommend my own two articles with complete bibliographies here:

Advantages of "Hybrid Breeding"

An Introduction to Outcross Breeding...

Any questions left unanswered are most likely answered on the American Bulldogs & Bandogges FAQs page. If you are a serious buyer, you should also read the Policies & Procedures page in its entirety. Feel free to email Blasco Family Bulldogs© by form or directly with any further questions - or to reserve your puppy now!

PREVIUS General Litter Info:

Parents: The NKC Registered purebred female Standard type American Bulldog "Parker's Bernie Cuda" was bred by the IDCR Registered South African Boerboel "Groot jasper Van Karsai."
Breed of Puppies: Bandogge, exotic
Litter DOB: August 22, 2017
Relaease to New Homes Date: NOW (These puppies are for pre-Christmas purchase).
Size Range: Except for one girl (Lightning) who will probably not get any bigger than about 90 pounds, all of these puppies will range between 110 to 120+ pounds and stand between 26 to 28 inches tall at the shoulders as adults.
Instinctual Orientation: Very high intelligence family companion guardians, easily socialized/trained to be safe in public and safe with other animals. Highly child oriented.
Cost: Females $1,500.00, Males $1,800.00
Payment Schedule: Immediate $200.00 non-refundable deposit (which comes off total cost of dog). Full payment at or before time of pick up or if shipping full payment for dog and shipping one week before shipping. If picking up in person you are welcome to pay in cash at time of pick up. Checks are not accepted for on site payments, but must clear in advance.
Delivery: Continental U.S., Alaska & Canada for $500.00 - worldwide delivery available for additional cost.
Special Requirements: Fenced yard (a 6' fence, not 4') or larger property, good socialization, proper nurture and training of puppies and young adults.

Detailed info, pics and purchasing instructions are below...


Apart from colors the litter is fairly consistent regarding size and very consistent regarding temperament. Boys are naturally more protection oriented than girls, but our girls would still nonetheless make excellent family guardians.

While they are bred as family protection dogs none of the puppies in this litter are overtly aggressive. All are very sweet and gentle.

All of the puppies also have really fantastic structure and all are very healthy (no weaker ones that needed special care), just all VERY healthy, happy and very, very high quality puppies.

The litter is also developmentally advanced as we would expect with a hybrid breeding between two very high quality dogs such as Bernie and Jasper.

All the puppies are THOROUGHLY socialized with children and all are VERY gentle - no nipping, no careless knocking children over. These are dogs that have been raised in the hands of kids.

All puppies will have IDCR registered pedigrees with full breeding rights and have up-to-date shots.

Expectation: Except for one girl (Lightning) who will probably not get any bigger than about 90 pounds, all of these puppies will range between 110 to 120+ pounds and stand between 26 to 28 inches tall at the shoulders as adults. All of them will be highly athletic dogs with enough energy for an active lifestyle or for some form of sporting dog competition. All will maintain perfect or near perfect structure better than 95% of dogs worldwide found in show rings. All have very high intelligence and while all of them have good protection drive they all also have excellent self control and will be easy to train and control with minimal training and of course always good socialization.

Trainability: These puppies are calm, handler focused dogs, intelligent and with a strong desire to please. Training will be easy and any popular training method is acceptable as long as sit means sit - disobedience never tolerated.


Male: SOLD $1,800.00 / Reference Name: "Zoom"

Color: Zoom is a very pretty, lighter colored brindle, white on all four paws, chest, chin and a very small and perfectly centered white stripe on his nose.

Temperament/Orientation: Very friendly natural family protection dog. Very sweet and gentle with kids and strangers.

Structure: Very good overall structure, a well knit, correct dog with good early muscle development and smooth, fluid motion.

Comments: While he is in no way too energetic Zoom does really like to run. Maybe he likes to feel his ears flapping in the wind. Who knows, but Zoom is actually an extra calm boy who just loves the kids. However, Zoom really likes girls. Pretty much all male dogs tend to prefer human females, but it's not usually a noticeable thing. I mean certainly men generally get male dogs and those male dogs bond great to them. However, often enough the male dog bonds even better to mom and the kids - just not something dad generaly notices. In Zoom's case it's noticeable. Zoom definitely prefers human females.

bandogge puppy 1

bandogge puppy 2

bandogge puppy 3

bandogge puppy 4

American Bulldog Puppies


Parker's Bernie Cuda (Bernie) is a gorgeous, purebred, Standard type American Bulldog of 90 pounds and 25" tall at the shoulders. She's great with kids, a very smart, competition level dog and a lovely family dog who is also a very good watch dog. Bernie has perfect structure, great health and is a very athletic, streamlined girl who loves to run.

English Mastiff female

American Bulldog Puppies


Groot Jasper Van Karsai (Jasper) is a truly epic, purebred, white cream South African Boerboel of 135 pounds and 30" tall at the shoulders. Jasper is great with kids, a lovely and remarkably gentle family dog and a serious family guardian. Jasper has excellent structure and health and is a highly athletic, big muscled boy who loves to run - especially if there's a "bad guy" to catch or someone to play with.

Italian Cane Corso

American Bulldog Puppies


A $200.00 non-refundable deposit will hold your puppy. To secure your pick, speak up NOW and promise to send your deposit right away. You will receive payment options and instructions for making deposit. Females are $1,500.00, males $1,800.00. Deposits come off the total cost of the dog. While we are pleased to accept your personal checks, ONLY CASH will be accepted on site at day of pick up. If you wish to pay by check, be sure to pay at least 10 days before day of pick up to be sure that your check will have cleared by day of pick up. FULL PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED/CLEARED BEFORE DOGS ARE PICKED UP OR DELIVERED. We will reschedule your pick up day if a check has not cleared in time.


We currently ship to the Continental United States (lower 48), Alaska and Canada for a stable $500.00 shipping cost. This additional cost includes air fare, airline approved live animal shipping crate, water/food bowls, and the Veterinarian inspection and Acclimation Statement sign-off that allows the dog to travel by plane. We do ship worldwide with Blasco dogs already in various countries throughout the world, however, all other locations are researched on a case-by-case basis for cost and feasability. It should also be known that Blasco puppies are well known for being strong, vigorous little brutes and we ship nothing less than that. You are never at risk of opening a crate to find a sickly little dog that needs to be rushed to the vet to see what's wrong with it, not ever. If we're shipping, all money for dog and shipping must be paid in full a full week in advance of the proposed shipping date.


Puppies will be released to their new homes or shipped on or about 12 weeks of age. We keep them that long on purpose. This is a best practice issue for the puppies themselves as well as a service to you, their new owners. If you'd like to know why it matters, I'll recommend my own article here:

Dog Temperament, Early Pack Socialization & Bite Inhibition


All Blasco dogs have registered bloodlines accurately documented by pedigree. Purebred American Bulldog puppies receive National Kennel Club (NKC) registrations and Bandogge puppies receive International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) registrations.

American Bulldog Puppies
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