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A few of the the American Bulldogs we've bred, both ours and others...
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A working dog sleeps between your boots...

Here's an American Bulldog puppy fresh out of the package... They're born in an amniotic sack that the mother chews off and eats as she's licking her puppy clean and stimulating its first breaths. Sounds sorta yucky - and it is, but that's how it works.

Becky shows the correct way to bottle feed a puppy - on its belly, not on its back. In the first 24-hours the puppies do better on their backs and so we carefully allow it as they're only drinking a little bit anyway. However, generally speaking, feeding a full meal by bottle with the puppy on its back will both irritate the puppy - often causing it not to eat, and also greatly increases the incidence of bloat, an eating condition that kills dogs. If you're bottle feeding, this is the way, on their bellies.

This is my friend, Mario's dog, Sampson, not the best photo, but a very cool dog. Pictured here, Sampson is roughly a year or 14-months old, I believe. He's well over 100 pounds and about 28" at the withers, showing the Performance Line American Bulldog blood and the Johnson American Bulldog blood about equally. Sampson is a big, very active, clear breathing boy that Mario has done a really spectacular job with.

One very fat little girl...

Here, my boy Peterbuit's Grandson Pete at under a year old has noticed me with the camera. Pete is a smart boy who thinks he's pretty, so when he sees the camera, he sits down to pose. Notice in the forefront, my Judah with narrowed eyes. Judah has just noticed the camera too...

Judah sees Pete posing and without a moments notice, summons the attack and everyone jumps on the Pete dog. Pete's pride must be purged for looking too pretty...

They drag him around the yard, play tug-o-war with his head and toss him all over the place. Then, just as suddenly as it began, they all collapse in a pile kissing Pete - all just for fun. Pete, without a scratch on him stood up to growl and bark indignantly at them in return.

From left, Trinity, Pete and Doc, all under a year and Judah on the right. Mambo was present out of frame; Mambo never picks on Pete. Mambo and Pete are best friends.

Here's Blasco's Chainsaw Maggie at 6 months. Maggie is a Betty x Mambo daughter, just totally favoring her dad. She'll be going to my friend Micah's place shortly as a started dog, and will eventually be a breeding partner to his boy, Dutch, who we also bred. Maggie got the name Chainsaw Maggie, because even as a puppy of only 10 weeks, it was crystal clear she was an alpha dominant female. Maggie is very sweet, very loving, great with the kids and super smart too, but her real claim to fame is that she's an awesome watch dog. Even at this age, Maggie will confront a stranger on her yard, and as Gandalf says, YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! Look for more from Blasco's Chainsaw Maggie in the future.

Puppies are so cute. We get them outside at only a month or so old. We want them to develope mentally and physically as bulldogs should, investigating things, running on broken woodland terrain, jumping over stumps, watching out for holes, chasing crows and squirrels. Our puppies tend to be some of the strongest, most well muscled little brutes most folks have ever seen, and fearless, cause they're farm raised.

Here's our own boy, Blasco's Doc Holliday. You can read more about him here. Doc is a Hybrid American Bulldog, 3/4 Johnson, 1/8 Performance Line, 1/8 Ole' Southern White or Alabama Bulldog, son of Judah, belly-brother to Mambo, Lilly, Pete and Trinity, and father of Nacho. Doc is all that and a bag of chips. Really, this is one of the coolest family companion/protection dogs you'll ever meet. He's mellow, laid back, watchful with strangers, but willing to give you a chance, but man oh man, let someone get aggressive with his family, and Doc has another side entirely.

Wild Boar Hunt

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