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Dog Profile: Peterbuilt's Grandson Pete
Hybrid Red Nose American Bulldog
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My little Pete dog, chillin' on the front lawn at 11-weeks, keeping a watchful eye on the perimeter. Pete is a red pigmented, Hybrid American Bulldog.

Able to leap small buildings in several bounds, it's a bird, it's a plane - NOPE, that's just the Pete dog - going over the darned fence again...!

Seriously, Pete can really jump. Pictured here under a year old, he is exactly 100 pounds, 24.5" at the withers, perfectly square, as wide as Doc who towers over him and my gosh, this dog is smart.

That look on Pete's face is exactly who he is: Smart, focussed, fearless... Should the devil ever actually come down to Georgia looking for a soul to steal, gimme a call; we'll send the Pete dog to chase him straight back to hell (or San Francisco - you know, wherever the devil actually calls home).

Being short Pete has a little complex around the taller dogs - always jumping on stuff to look down on them, but Pete is actually just a few pounds lighter than Doc, Lilly and Trinity, just more compact.

Pete is very fast, very long-winded, very, very capable on man or beast and as you'll see, he's the sweetest, most tender hearted, kid-loving Hybrid American Bulldog you might ever meet.

American Bulldog puppies at play...

Pete dog loves to play bite-n-fight and is confident enough to not need to win. Pete is 6-months here. We know a lot of breeders who could never allow a male, teenage dog around their puppies. Not the case with any of ours, but Pete in particular has a special affinity for baby dogs - and baby people too.

Can you imagine how confident this puppy will arrive in his new home having repeatedly whooped on Pete? Pete just loves him some puppies... Pete's position is that the other big dogs just take life way too seriously. He can only play with them just so long. Pete dog likes to frolic.

When I say Pete loves him some puppies, I mean it. Here the Pete dog was cleaning puppies with Bella when he came across one that had something stuck to its fur that wouldn't just lick off. So here he comes with this puppy in his mouth, carried down from upstairs to deposit in front of me. He nosed the spot he was concerned with, I scratched it off with my finger, then Pete picked the baby right back up and took him home to his mom. That, ladies and gentlemen, is called "pack whelping" - when you have a group of dogs so at ease, so stress free that a lactating mother allows a young male dog to just walk off with a newborn puppy... We followed him. Bella kissed him for the effort.

Pete giving his little sister a bath. One more time: Pete dog loves him some puppies...

...And like I said before, the Pete dog loves him some baby humans too. Here, Petey-Pete is where he is most happy, in a pile with my kids and a tasty puppy to chew on.

Pete is a thoroughly confirmed, self-initiating companion protector, trained in-house for later sale as a finshed dog. Sadly we no longer own the Pete dog, but no doubt he continues to fly through tall grass and make gentle mischief with those who love him. Bye-bye, Pete dog. Enjoy your new home. God bless and keep you...


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